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Late one afternoon, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. The sun was setting and I suspected that the fields near the mountains would be ablaze with color. I was right. A short drive later ended with me standing a few yards away from a young calf, that suddenly decided to run toward me and say hello. I was shocked, and I immediately recognized the wonder of the moment. The next day I thought through what had happened and came to the conclusion that it is easy to understand why I was in this place. I had the opportunity to do what many people only dreamed of doing—leaving the noise and the traffic of the city behind. I was living in Stephens County, Georgia, where people say hello regardless of whether they know you well or not. It’s a simple place where friends and families grow strong bonds and where the welcome truly never ends.


Sadly, I recently had to move but continue to maintain close ties to the area. While I’m away, Anne Shurley—a friend and local photographer—will help with the update of this site. She will be keeping up with Living in Stephens County and posting many wonderful photos of all that is going on in the city and in the county. — Angie Ramage

Contributor Anne Shurley

I grew up in a small town, moved to the city after college and vowed to always be a city girl. As with the circle of life, I longed for a slower pace, connections and bonds only found in a small town and to be close to my family who have called Stephens County home for the past thirty years. I am living the dream in a community that is truly a slice of heaven, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, a beautiful lake and people that truly care about one another. I am grateful to my friend Angie for giving me this opportunity to share my photographs and insights about the town I call home.-Anne