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Toccoa is a special place. The land is absolutely beautiful. It also is a very historic area where Native Americans once lived, hunted, and traded. The community plays outdoors—boating on Lake Hartwell, hiking along trails in the national forest, and kayaking and fishing along the many rivers and clear-to-the-bottom trout streams. But what really makes this part of northeast Georgia so attractive is the people. I have never met more kind-hearted folks than the those who live, work, and play in Stephens County. It is a place where strangers wave without knowing you and where neighbors always have open doors and hearts. When you visit Stephens County, you are visiting a place called home!

End of The Day

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I could take one sunset photo after another at Lake Harwell. It is the absolutely the most wonderful place to capture the lush reds and pinks of a southern setting sun.

The Bridge

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There’s a place on Lake Hartwell called Broken Bridges. It is a place where an old iron truss bridge once spanned the lake helping to mark the boundary between South Carolina and Georgia. Today, the bridge has been “broken” or really the center section removed so no one will attempt to drive across it.

Near Broken Bridges

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After taking this photo, I asked a fisherman, who was casting and recasting his lines off a bridge on Lake Harwell, “What are you fishing for?” “Bass,” he replied. “Two years ago that is all I caught here. Lately, I’m afraid my wife wonders if I even go fishing because I haven’t caught anything in [...]

Sunset at Lake Harwell

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This is a familiar site to everyone living in Stephens County. It is Lake Hartwell at sunset. South Carolina is yards away and that's all! The north Georgia mountains are barely visible in this photo as is the old railroad bridge that is still in use.

Summer Daisies

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Dotting the roadways with color and grace: yellow and white daisies signal it is summer in high fashion in Stephens County, Georgia.

Tugaloo Corridor

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Grab a canoe and head out to Lake Harwell or better than that explore the Tugaloo Corridor where the Cherokee Indians once lived, hunted, and fished.

Dreamy Field of Yellow

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I have to investigate to find out what is planted in this field. All I know is that I hunted and hunted throughout Stephens County until I discovered this wonderful field that had been neatly planted. I just don't know what the plant is. (smile)

Sunset at The Lake

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Sunsets on Lake Hartwell are beautiful. Quiet cove areas were fishermen dot the landscape never fail to stir warm thoughts of contentment and relaxation.

Beautiful Toccoa Falls!

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Early morning at Toccoa Falls is always an awesome sight. It's 186 feet tall (a couple of feet higher than Niagara Falls) and it is one of the most visited spots in Stephens County. A short walk up a broad smooth path leads to the base of the falls and to a breath-taking view of [...]