Lake Hartwell

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A boat ride on Lake Hartwell to the Hartwell Dam was the perfect end to the Labor Day Weekend! The dam is located on the Savannah River at the border of South Carolina and Georgia and creates Lake Hartwell. The lake borders Georgia and South Carolina on the Savannah, Tugaloo and Seneca Rivers with 56,000 [...]

Remembrance on a Spring Day

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The Kelly Barnes Dam was an earthen embankment dam that collapsed on November 6, 1977 after a period of heavy rain. The resulting flood killed 39 people at the Toccoa Falls College campus. This picture taken today captures the beauty of the falls, mountain laurel and the remembrance of those that died in the flood.


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The dogwood is usually a spring blooming plant, often in flower over Easter as is evident in Stephens County where they are blooming and beautiful this season!

Corn Flowers

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Every spring I pull off the road and take pictures of my favorite wildflower at the Nichols Farm on Oak Valley Road. The official name is Corn Flower, but I prefer the name I have always known them as, Ragged Robins!


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My grandmother always called this first bush to bloom "yellow bells"! It is the first sign of spring after a very cold winter in Stephens County!