Remembrance on a Spring Day

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The Kelly Barnes Dam was an earthen embankment dam that collapsed on November 6, 1977 after a period of heavy rain. The resulting flood killed 39 people at the Toccoa Falls College campus. This picture taken today captures the beauty of the falls, mountain laurel and the remembrance of those that died in the flood.

Remembering the past

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The Chapel and dining hall at Toccoa Falls College is scheduled for demolition soon. Although the buildings are in disrepair surrounded by yellow tape, there is beauty in this fireplace and the history that will always remain with us.  

Pond at Toccoa Falls College

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"E.P. Simpson began construction of the pond and Haddock Inn in 1898." The Inn had 58 rooms, veranda and a view of Toccoa Falls, it was a tourist destination for many in Atlanta and surrounding areas. E.P. Simpson sold the inn, Toccoa Falls and 100 acres to Dr. R. A. Forrest for $25,000 in 1911 and Toccoa Falls [...]

Glenn Falls!

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This is Glenn Falls—off the beaten path but well worth the trip. Since the early 1900's, it has been the location of many picnics and the refreshing destination for many of hikers!